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Turbo Air is proud to announce its new partnership with BLR Aerospace. To celebrate this occasion, we have been authorized to offer special introductory pricing on BLR Whisper Prop©, Winglets, L.E.D lighting, and Extended De-Ice boots for your King Air 90, 200, or 300 series aircraft. But hurry! This offer won’t last long. For a complete quote call (208) 343-3300 Ext. 420

Infinite Blade Life

Unlike its aluminum counterpart, the BLR/MT Natural Composite propeller blade does not get smaller with time in service due to erosion and the regular filing of small nicks in the blades. Eventually aluminum blades will no longer meet their dimensional limits and will need to be replaced. Nicks in the BLR/MT prop can be simply and quickly filled with epoxy resin and hence do not get smaller with time. As a result the BLR/MT natural composite propeller blade has an infinite life. The BLR/MT Propeller blade also has a 2 inch wide nickel cobalt erosion sheath providing superior leading edge protection since nickel is 50% harder than aluminum.


The Whisper Prop® is highly engineered to be the smallest diameter, quietest, and most advance composite prop on the market today. The reduction in blade length drastically reduces noise and vibration by more than 50% and significantly decreases the chance of FOD damage. To further increase protection from damage, each blade is finished with a nickel cobalt leading edge that is three times harder than aluminum. Unlike its counterpart made from aluminum or as a foam core composite, the Whisper Prop® wood core wrapped in carbon skin guarantees unlimited blade life and in-service field repair. The Whisper Prop® is certified for 40,000 in flight hours.


Whisper Prop® The five bladed BLR Whisper Prop® is manufactured by MT-Propeller, the world's most innovative aircraft propeller company. The Whisper Prop is a natural wood composite structure. The core of the blade is a hybrid comprised of spruce wood and a resin injected Beech wood a the blade's root. The blade core is protected with carbon fiber face skins that are bonded to the wood core. Each blade is finished with a nickel cobalt leading edge, providing unsurpassed erosion and damage protection.


• Unlimited Blade Life
• Field Repairable Blades
• Shorter Blade Diameter
• Modern Highly Engineered Design
• Dramatic Reduction in Noise and Vibration
• Reduced Foreign Object Damage (FOD)
• Nickel-Cobalt Leading Edge - Toughest Available
• Lower Maintenance Cost


Experience a 30-50% reduction in noise and vibration with BLR's Whisper Prop® system installed on your King Air.
King Air 350
Up to 30% Noise Reduction
Metal factory prop. - 82.2 dB.
WHISPER PROP®. - 77.1 dB

King Air B200
Up to 30% Noise Reduction
Metal factory prop. - 82.2 dB
Composite factory prop. - 80.0 dB
Raisbeck Swept Blade. - 81.7 dB
Raisbeck Original. - 81.7 dB
WHISPER PROP ® - 77.1 dB

King Air C90
Up to 50% Noise Reduction
Metal factory prop. - 82.2 dB
Raisbeck Swept Blade. - 75.0 dB
Raisbeck Original - 68.3 dB

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BLR's FAA, EASA and ANAC certified Winglet System is an lightweight aluminum wing tip, carbon fiber winglet with integrated position, recognition and strobe LED lighting and increases your aircrafts overall wingspan by 3' 5". Installation of the Winglet System can be accomplished in approximately one week and will require paint to match existing color scheme. Extended length de-icing boots are available for additional protection in harsh conditions.
BLR's Winglet System has been trusted to save you money and enhance the performance of over 1,000 King Airs in over 25 countries. The Winglet System increases wing aspect ratio to reduce induced drag allows your King Air 90, 200, or 300 to fly faster on less fuel. In addition, the WInglet acts as a physical pressure barrier, preserving valuable lift at the outboard extremity of the wing. By increasing wing efficiency, the BLR Winglet System provides superior runway performance, certified, and improved handling qualities during slow flight, OEI and at higher flight levels.
Many operators find that, depending on mission profile, Winglets shorten runway requirements by up to 33%, increase climb gradient by up to 50%, and reduce fuel consumption by up to 5%. To know how Winglets can benefit your flight operation contact a BLR specialist for performance details. For optimum performance, comfort, unimproved runway handling, and style pair your Winglets with or Whisper Prop®.


BLR's Winglet System will increase the total wingspan by 3' 5".
• Aluminum wingtip • Carbon fiber winglet • Integrated position, recognition & strobe lighting • LED only on 90 • LED or incandescent on 200 • LED only on 300
• Modernized Appearance • Improved OEI Climb • Increased Hull Value • Improved Slow Flight


NOW FAA CERTIFIED Never miss a night flight again for a burned out bulb and enjoy less flashback while IMC. Modernize and improve the mission readiness of your King Air 90 or 200 with all new, reliable LED lighting.


With 800 systems in operation worldwide, BLR Winglets are proven, reliable, and certified by the FAA, EASA and ANAC. In fact, Textron Aviation (formerly Beechcraft) is incorporating BLR Winglets into new King Air 250 and C90GTx aircraft at the factory. They’re that good!

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