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King Air 200

Turbo Air operates four Beechcraft King Air 200's. The Beechcraft King Air 200 is one of the most in-demand and requested turboprop aircraft for both business & corporate aviation flights or personal leisure trips. The Super King Air 200 has one of the most spacious and comfortable passenger cabins in its class and can easily accommodate up to eight passengers and baggage. The Super King Air 200 is best suited for short to mid-range flights under 1,500 miles and has the capability of landing at smaller airports or airports where traditional jet aircraft may not be able to land.

The Super King Air 200 has optimal range for trips around the Western U.S. including Washingtion, Oregon, California, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, as well as popular ski resort destinations in Idaho (Sun Valley, McCall), Colorado and Utah.

The King Air 200, with a payload and range capability unmatched in its class, is significantly more economical than comparable jets while offering virtually the same flight time for short to medium distances. Excellent short-field performance increases airport options, bringing you closer to your final destination.

  • Enclosed private lavatory plus fully stocked forward refreshment center
  • Luxury interior with seating for up to 9 passengers
  • Unmatched passenger plus luggage payload capacity

When you have several places to go but very little time, if there are multiple passengers travelling, if your destination is not a major airline hub, or when the airlines schedules just don't fit into your business schedule Turbo Air Charter should be your first stop.

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