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king air 90

The King Air 90 offers comfortable seating for up to six adults and is the perfect choice for both business and leisure travelers who need to quickly move around without the hassles and delays of commercial air travel. Its seating arrangement is equally suited to a conduct a business meeting, or to simply unwind and enjoy the trip.

With a flying range of more than 980 nautical miles and the ability to be operational in minutes, the King Air 90 is the perfect solution for the unpredictable and time-sensitive demands of the modern businesses person. The plane is small enough to land at thousands of different airstrips, putting travelers as close as possible to their destination and allowing them to arrive relaxed and ready.

The King Air 90 offers ample baggage space, foldable tables to enjoy a meal or operate a computer, and a partial lavatory for complete comfort.

With this aircraft, Turbo Air can take you same day, roundtrip, and non-stop to many cities in the Western U.S. and Canada.

Imagine flying first class to watch your favorite team play, or to attend an important business meeting, flying straight to the the closest regional airport, and have the aircraft on standby, so that you can return home right after that game or meeting. Wow!

This scenario is nearly impossible to accomplish with the major airlines, yet we do it all the time. Chartering one of our aircraft is an amazing experience.

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