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Brokerage listings

Every customer is unique, but all share the same common goals…to maximize the selling price, and to do so in the shortest time possible.

Turbo Air’s knowledgeable sales staff accomplishes this by creating a detailed value analysis and marketing proposal explaining current market conditions for each new aircraft listing.

why use turbo air to market your aircraft?

  • Your aircraft will be listed in national publications as well as our own website
  • We are motivated to sell your aircraft and will provide important price guidance in establishing the current market value of your aircraft
  • We work to properly qualify potential customers
  • We only accept listings on aircraft that are truly for sale
  • We keep you informed during the entire process
  • We are your advocate and yours alone

Going the extra mile for you...

Turbo Air is here for you whether you are purchasing a new aircraft for yourself or your company, or selling your existing aircraft. Here are just some of the things we make sure to do for you....

  • By focusing heavily on electronic forms of advertising, and using print advertising only when needed, we’re able to pass on the savings to our clients. Compared to the fees charged by many of our competitors, the savings are substantial.
  • We avoid conflicts of interest such as accepting multiple listings of aircraft that are in competition with each other, such as two aircraft of the same model, year of production, and approximate retail valuation.
  • We spend a very large portion of our time researching our target markets. When we’re talking with owners, we take the time and opportunity to pursue direct marketing of aircraft we already have for sale. We make full use of all the information sources available to us in order to constantly monitor sales trends within the industry. By doing so we are aware of what type of aircraft a prospective purchaser is statistically most likely to operate prior to upgrading. We then target these owners with overnight direct email and print mailings with information on your aircraft. This lets us approach potential purchasers directly, without the intervening layers of brokers who are all too often involved in a transaction, thus eroding the net price paid to the seller



aircraft acquisition

Turbo Air’s acquisition services are devoted to connecting our clients with the best aircraft at an optimal price thanks to our sales staff’s extensive experience, current market data and vast professional network.

Turbo air's acquisition process includes:

  • Knowledgeable acquisition team backed by more than three decades of experiance
  • Target Aircraft Evaluation
  • Full Market Ananlysis
  • Offer and Acceptance with price negotiations
  • Pre-purchase inspection consultation and review
  • Closing
  • On-going post-closing

Turbo Air Sales Brochure


  • We offer prospective clients an even greater level of savings in those cases where the client, or the client’s pilot, is able and willing to perform certain tasks that we routinely carry out when traveling to see the client’s aircraft that otherwise drive up our costs. This includes copying the maintenance logs and mailing us the copies for review, photographing the aircraft in detail, and providing us with copies of the equipment list and form 337′s so that we’re able to assemble a complete specification sheet.
  • We keep copies of logbooks. This allows us to offer a serious prospective purchaser the opportunity to conduct their own logbook and maintenance status review prior to traveling to see the aircraft in person, thus saving time for both the seller and the purchaser.
  • We provide our marketing clients with detailed step-by-step instructions throughout the closing process, especially as it pertains to complying with the International Registry requirements. We’ll be with you throughout the sales and closing process.

These are only a few of the differences between Turbo Air and our competitors. If you are considering selling your aircraft, please contact us to discuss your plans. We would be glad to tell you more about the higher level of service and value provided by Turbo Air.