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Advent eABS

King Air B200 / B300 eABS

Advent eABS

ABS Simplicity

The patented Advent eABS system consists of left and right Brake Control Modules, left and right Wheel-Speed Transducers, Digitial Electronic Control Units and a combined Control Switch and Annunciator


The eABS for King AIr B200/B300 is certified in the US, Canada, EASA and Australia with further certifications planned. In addition, the eABS has MEL relief and requires maintenance only on condition, thanks to a completed 20,000 cycle test.

Convenient & Affordable

Available through a world-wide network of authorized dealers for $55,890 plus installation labor. The easy-to-install system requires minimal downtime.

Customer Service & Warranty

Advent technical support is available on call or in the field. All eABS components and installation hardware is covered by a two year warranty.