Sales Services


           - 50 years of aviation experience means direct access to the thousands
             of aviation professionals, pilots and enthusiasts in our rolodex.
           - This access provides faster saturation and greatly reduces time on

           - Turbo Air provides a full service brokerage that is
             predicated on service and value.
           - Advertising, marketing, price negotation, contracts,
             escrow, and closing are conducted on your behalf.
           - Results produced before commissions are paid.


           - Don't make an expensive mistake.  Let the team at
             Turbo Air guide you through the acquistion process.
             We will identify the aircraft best suited to your mission
             and obtain the aircraft at or below fair market value.

           - Aircraft value and price guidance are provided
             via access to highly privileged market data.
           - Hundreds of hours annually are spent researching the
             pulse and direction of each market segment.

           - Whether buying or selling, maintenance history, and transaction
             data are always used to evaluate and assess each aircrafts market

           - Online advertising, print ads, and social media presentations,
             are always utilized to present your aircraft to a truly global audience.
           - Pro photography and video are used to enhance your
             listing to ensure that your aircraft will always look the part.

           - We never represent two sides in a transaction.
           - Our team has the ability to keep your transaction discreet.



  • Business Jet
  • Turbo Prop
  • Rotocraft
  • Piston

Business Jet

Find the perfect jet for corporate travel or personal use. Explore our inventory today and elevate your flying experience.

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Turbo Prop

Whether you're looking for a reliable aircraft for regional travel or seeking a versatile option for various missions, we have you covered. Our selection features turbo prop planes equipped with modern amenities and advanced technology, ensuring comfort, efficiency, and performance.

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Whether you're in search of a versatile utility helicopter for commercial operations or a luxurious executive helicopter for VIP transport, we offer an array of options to suit your requirements.  

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Whether you're a private pilot, flight school, or aerial enthusiast, we have a range of piston-powered airplanes to suit your preferences and budget. From classic single-engine models perfect for leisurely flights to high-performance twins ideal for cross-country travel, our listings feature well-maintained aircraft equipped with modern avionics and comfortable interiors.

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